2012 Sermons

A New Life People

Facing My Purpose

God’s Gift To Man

Its Always Dark Before Dawn

Pictures of the Cross

Judging Righteously

On Their Shoulders

The Secret of Contentment

All We Need Is Love

Old and New Testament

Your Cross

The Importance of One

Til Death Do Us Part

Spiritual Growth

What Happens When A Person Dies

What Is Right With The Church

The Power of Focus

The Message of the New Testament

Biblical Offices

Using Your Talents

Listen To Jesus

Of Thee I Sing

Singing Praise

Living By Faith

Where Is Your God?

Spiritual Moochers

A Half Baked Sermon

The All Sufficiency of Christ

The Strength of Noah

Somebody To Lean On

The Gospel Is For All

Teaching Others

Beauty of Reconciliation

The Church

Blessed Are The Poor in Spirit

Meekness is Not Weakness

Brevity of Life


The Cleansing

Hungry for God

The Consummation

Blessed Are The Merciful

You Are Salt

Glad To Be A Christian

Thermostat (Hot)

Thermostat (Cold)

Spiritual Warfare

Is Your Marriage In Shape

Is There Not A Cause?

Can These Bones Live

Invest And Invite

He has Done All Things Well (Mark)

Bring the Children Unto Me

Esau’s Folly

Dealing With Temptation

Why Christians Don’t Drink Alcohol

I’m Proud To Be An American

Loving Discipline

Power of Unity


The Bride That Still Turns Heads

Finding The Church of Christ

The God Of All The Earth

The Potter And The Clay

The Grace of God

Get Ready

The Unshakable Kingdom


What Happens When A Person Dies

What Is Right With The Church