2009 Sermons

Where We Are Going

A Brand New Path

Gospel of Inclusion

The Mission of the Savior

Getting Where We Want To Be


All We Need Is Love

The Compassion of Christ

Christianity’s Relevance

Members of One Another

Let The Redeemed Say So

The Woman at the Well

The Grace of God

Christian Unity

Making Christ Known

Holy Spirit And The Word

We Had Better Grow

When the Last Curtain Falls

On That Great Day

Why Was The Rich Man Lost

Who Is Going To Heaven

Why Gospel Meetings Are Important

The Power of Love

Wrestling With God

What Your Pew Says About You

I AM The Bread of Life

I AM The Good Shepherd

I AM The Vine

I AM The Light of the World

I AM The Resurrection

The Great I AM

My Protector

What Will You Do With Jesus

How Good People Become Lost

He Arose

The Peace Makers

Training Up Your Child

Should Christians Gamble

What My Giving Does

Growing In Fellowship

I Stand In Awe

You May Not Make It Through This Sermon

Your Best Life Later

I’m All In

The Gospel is Four Alls

Building the Wall

The Importance of One

I’m Just A Country Boy

The Bride That Still Turns Heads

The Coming of Christ

Invest and Invite

Where God Has Placed Water

‘Til He Comes Again

Our Need For Grace

God’s Plan For Marriage

Thank You Lord

Bible Is the Word of God: History

The Enduring Word

Renewal in Difficult World