2016 Sermons

Jesus Cursed A Tree

Fix Your Eyes On Jesus

Making Up My Mind

A Godly Heritage

Active Faith

Ministry Of Reconciliation

The Need For Involvement

Giving Thanks In All Things

Ultimate Battle

Great Promises


I Can See Clearly Now

The Importance of Baptism

When God Says No

Fellowship in the Church

The Need for Restoration

Danger of Suicide

Jesus and the Hurting

Sitting in the Judgment Seat

The Church is Not a Denomination

Joy in the Mourning

Imitate Him

Path to Unity

Training A Healthy Conscience

Focus On The Good

The Wheat And The Weeds

Keep Me From Secret Sin

Running Your Race

Seeking Salvation

Unity in Acts 2

Love One Another

Saul the Terrorist

A Bag With Holes

Growing Spiritually

Go For The Gold

The Christian Work Ethic

Be Better

Moses’ Faith

The Nobility of Man (1)

The Nobility of Man (2)

Respect Your Leaders

The Chair

Looking For Christ’s Return

He Restores My Soul

The Father’s Strength

The Family of Hope

Looking For His Return

The Thorn Bush King

A Life of Hope

Brick By Brick

Your Journey: Graduation Speech

He Shall Keep You

Life’s Journey

That Form of Doctrine

Things You Cannot Give Away

Dealing With Temptation

Qualifications For Churches With Elders


Jesus Died For Me

What Love Will Do

Biblical Leadership

Dealing With Conflict

The Discipline of Fasting

Qualifications of Elders 1

Qualifications of Elders 2

Bringing My Family

Why I Love The Church

Into the Word Unto the World

Not A Country Club

Not About Me

Our Church Leaders