2014 Sermons

A Call, Charge, And Confirmation

Pictures of Jesus

Three Things Christians Do

So Close But So Far

Why Did Jesus Die?

Five Duties of Christian Living

The Torn Veil

Convenience vs Conviction


The Lord’s Supper

Pertaining To Holiness (2 Peter)

Is It I?

Red Letter Bibles

Helping the Poor

Watching For Judgment

A Widow’s Wealth

The Christian and Government

Who Runs The Church?

Rupture of the Rapture

He Has…


What Makes Christians Different

The Best Seat in the House

Appreciating Your Temple

The Unfruitful Tree

Fellowship in the Church

My God And My Money

Reaching the Nones

The Commitment of Marriage

The Sin of ‘Idle’atry

Jesus Loves The Little Children

Seven Things You Need To Know About Your Bible

It Costs An Arm and An Eye

When It’s Hard To Believe

The Mountain Top Experience

Sincere but Wrong

The Kingdom

Financial Responsibility

Who Is Your Cornelius?

Beware the Leaven

The Serpent In the Wilderness

He Has Done All Things Well

The Balls

What Defiles a Man

The Danger of Traditions


Can We Trust The Bible?

The Shepherd

Why Good People Do Bad Things

The Woman Who Risked It All

How Christians View Death

Will You Not Revive Us Again? (Gospel Meeting)

The Need For Revival (Gospel Meeting)

Revive My Family (Gospel Meeting)

Reviving A Congregation (Gospel Meeting)

Reviving Our Culture (Gospel Meeting)

Revive My Spirit (Gospel Meeting)

Why Trouble the Lord?

Telling The Good News

Will You Not Revive Us Again?

Does Jesus Care

Signs (Miracles)

It Will Grow

Which One Are You?

Tending Your Garden

Noah And His Family

We Are Family

Christian Living

An Unforgivable Sin

Pilate’s Children

The Joy of Unity

Jesus And Judgment

A Life Of Restraint

Benton’s Spiritual Hospital

Listen To Him

Zooming out

How Far Would You Go

Women Are A Blessing

And He Touched Him

Trust and Obey

The Rest of Our Lives

Amazed At His Authority

Joshua’s Courage

Care From the Shepherd

He Has Done All Things Well (Mark)

Fishers of Men