2017 Sermons


The Choice

2 John Postcards

Postcards Obadiah

Postcards Philemon

Heroes Samson

Heroes Jepthah

Binary Christianity

Real Heroes: Ehud

Bring the Children Unto Me

Dealing With Worry


Heroes- Gideon

The Divine Economy

Five P’s of Prayer

Lamb of God

Is God There

My Life Story

Teach Me To Pray

The Back to School Special

Surviving the Lions

Checking Our Weight

Jesus and Facebook

The Danger of Pride

What Does Jesus Look Like

We Will Not Bow Down

Your Religion is Showing

What God Has Done For You

What Do I Control

God Rules the Nations

Telling the Truth

Our Father In Heaven

When Leaders Lead

Jesus on Divorce

Of Whom I Am Chief

The Danger of Lust

Healing from Conflict

Mother’s Day

Exceeding Righteousness

Power of Memorial

Providence of God

Go and Make Disciples

Anger Danger

The Significance of the Resurrection

Give Me The Bible

Jesus and the Old Testament

Influencing My World

Showing Respect

An Active Faith

Dealing With Sin

The Church of Christ

Dealing With Persecution


Grace Greater Than My Sin


Blessed Are The Merciful

Hunger And Thirst

One Body Many Parts

The Joy Of Worship

Power Under Control

The Joy Of Fellowship

Assembly Required

Finding God

Blessed Are The Mourners

God Bless The Children

Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit

The God Of Nehemiah

Blessed Are They That Mourn