2015 Sermons

I’ve Got Great News

When Worship is Dry

There’s A Fountain Free

Bible Translations Part 2

Keeping Priorities

I Will Remain Faithful

Bible Translations (Part 1)

Checking Your Weight

Faith BEFORE the Storm

We Will Not Bow Down

Learning to Follow God

Christians In An Unchristian World

Can I Trust My Bible

Christianity’s Contribution

Why Singing Matters

Love Should Come From What

Five Keys To A Happy Home

Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World

I Will See You Again

Reconciliation in Christ

Propitiation in Christ

Sanctification in Christ

Justification in Christ

Adoption In Christ

Redemption in Christ

Joy of Unity

A Prescription For A Healthy Church

God Are You Really There?

There Is A Season

Nahum-God Always Wins

The Friend At Midnight

Redigging the Wells

Moved To Serve

Moved To Be Saved

Moved To Let Go

Moved to Change

Moved By Christ

The Nameless Faces of the Bible

Resisting Unto Blood

Talent in Church

Fathers As Shepherds

The Parable of the Ten Virgins

The Rope

Substance Abuse

Building the Wall

The Writing On The Wall


Regarding the Word

A Mother’s Love

The Beauty of Singing

Creating A Culture of Evangelism

The Church A Saved Assembly

Why the Resurrection Is So Important


Making A Choice

Faith and Works

Offering Sacrifice

Spiritual Foresight

Making Choices

Praying For The Lost

Trusting God

Defending My Brethren

Developing Hearts

The Purpose and Place of Baptism

How to Live a Good Christian Life (Matthew Ray Sermon)

The Ultimate Love Story

Reflecting Gods Glory

The Ministry of Hospitality

Mercy and Sacrifice

Facing My Sin

Mature Prayer

The Power of Prayer

A Prayer For My People

Pray Always

Pouring Out