2013 Sermons


The Two Sons

The Peace Makers

What Makes You So Special

Christ Our Refuge

An Attitude of Gratitude

Recognizing True Spiritual Leadership

Respecting Elders

Preachers and Elders

Power of Attitude

Finding The Lord’s Church

The Bible Is True-Morality

Are You Saved?

Truth-Your Foundation

We Need Each Other

The Joy of Worship

Three Things Your Kid Needs

What Is A Christian

The Power of the Tongue

Pearl of Great Price

The Second Mile

Look Before You Leap

What Does God Look Like

Falling Away 2

Falling Away 1

Joseph, Father of Jesus

Strength of Noah

The Power of Stuff

Stepping In The Light

Where Is Your Brother?

One Body

Sins That Crucified Christ

The Father’s Strength

Singled Out For Christ

Mom’s Touch


Keeping the Lock in Wedlock

How To Fight and Win

Bible Authority

A Sinner Comes Clean

The Passover

God Will Provide (3 lessons)


The Grace of Giving

Preaching the Gospel

What Must I Do To Be Saved

Neither Jew, Catholic Nor Protestant


ACTSS of Prayer

Can I Know I’m Saved

Bring It To Jesus

The Writing On The Wall

The Ultimate Love Story

Down And Out

The State of the Church Address

Making A Great Congregation

Hands of Service

Where’s God?

Sing His Praise

A Child of God

I Love The Church

Living By Faith

The Hands of Jesus

Know Your Enemy