2019 Sermons

Toxic Words

Toxic Thoughts

The Complete Church

Toxic Influences

Thankful for Grandparents

Salty Speech

The Circle of Friends

The Circle of Friends 2

The Power of Prayer

Praying For Your Children

The Church the Prophets Saw


The Sandals

God Cares About Your Pain

Fool’s Gold

Jesus is The Key

The Stepford Church

The Importance of Young People

Is It Wrong To Be Single

Three Gardens

Lord’s Supper

The Holy Spirit and the Word of God

One Stands Out


Butterfly Effect

Dealing With Grief

An Undercover Faith

The Rich And The Poor

Making Religion Real

Treatment of the Poor

Christianity in Action


Getting Ready For Worship

Do Everything in the Name of the Lord



Living in Our New Selves


Freedom in Christ


Money and Spirituality

Money Management

Father of the Prodigal

The Gospel

He Is Able

Christian Modesty

A Mother’s Ambition

What About The Instrument

Beating The Bully

Making a Difference

Growing in the Faith

The Great Deception

Amazing Grace

Taking Your Mountain

Dealing With Fusses

The Lord Will Do Amazing Things Among You

The Burden of Sin

You’ve Not Gone This Way Before

Even Rahab Could Repent

Key’s For Church Growth

Full of Excuses

Love Does

The Penknife and the Sword


The Dynamic Duo

Walking Worthy

Redeemed By Blood

Looking Like Jesus

Jesus Before All

Reconcilable Differences