2011 Sermons

Eat This Book

I’m Too Busy

The Eyes Have It

Your Treasure

Expand or Expire

Marriage and Divorce

God’s Plan For Man

The Sin of Pride

The Righteousness of Christ

The Churches of Christ

You CAN Fix Stupid

The Man With Childbirth Pains

Knowing Your Enemy

Defeating Your Enemy

Giving Back to Christ

Modern Day Miracles

Keys To A Happy Life

Our Walk in Christ

Power of Christ

Don’t Move the Landmarks

What Is Your Cross

Where Do You Preach?

True Repentance

A Powerful Choice

How Our Church Will Grow

Spiritual Thieves

What Are You Worth?

Cleansing the Temple

Passing the Tests of Life

What Does Your Bible Say?

The Point of Preparation

King of Kings

What Makes The Church of Christ Different

Can He Still Feel The Nails?

Whats the Cost?

Do You Remember?

A Call To Hatred

Facing My Insecurity

What God Expects From Husbands

What God Expects From Wives

Facing My Destiny

One Body Yet Many Parts


The Lamb of God

Can One Lose Eternal Life?

She Did What She Could

I’ve Got Great News

The Spirit of Thanks Living

Foes of Contentment

Behold A Child Is Born

Who Will End Up In Hell?

Facing My Purpose