2020 Sermons

The Man Who Lost Everything

Conscience, Romans 14

You Have Not Gone This Way Before Joshua 3:3-4

The God Who Sees (Mother’s Day) Genesis 16:13

Hinderances To Baptism, Acts 8:34-39

Divine Protection, Romans 8-31-39

Taking Every Thought Captive, 2 Corinthians 10:3-5

Fear vs Faith, Proverbs 29:25

Surprised by the Resurrection 1 Corinthians 15.2-5

Lord Heal My Attitude, Ephesians 3-14-21

Being An Encouragement Hebrews 3.13

The Importance of Stacking Ephesians 2.20-22

I Love The Lord’s Church Ephesians 5-22-33

Your Best Life Later Luke 6.20-26

New Wineskins Luke 5-36-39

When Church People Hurt You Luke 5.17-26

Being Made Clean Luke 5.12-14

I Am A Sinful Man Luke 5.8

For This Purpose Luke 4.43

Gospel Is For All Luke 4.22-30

Dancing With The Devil Luke 4.1-13

The Four Baptisms, Luke 3-15-17

Living By A Shoestring, Luke 3-16

Providence in the Family Tree Luke 3:23

God’s Amazing Power Luke 3-23

Repentance Luke 3:7-14

Mountains And Valleys Luke 3:5

Jesus Grew, Luke 2:52

Jesus and the Temple, Luke 2:49

Name Above All Names, Luke 2:11

Nothing is Impossible. Luke 1:37

Lukes Gospel. Luke 1:1-4

Why Four Gospels Luke 1:1-4